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How do I even begin to use this???


I'm utterly confused and frustrated after downloading the app. So many problems during setup. I installed it, but there's no start menu shortcut or link on the desktop. I had to hunt for it manually.

And then once I installed it, I get the following error: "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.... Could not find a part of the path '...\pictures\DragonBone.'" Was I supposed to have a folder there? I wasn't informed. But I moved the other download package there and the problem dissipated, so i guess it's not that big a bug.

Then I couldn't figure out how to work it at all. I don't see anything to work with. I do see the panel on the left that I guess deals with frames, and I see the sprites panel on the right, but clicking on any of them does nothing. There's nothing but grey space in the middle panel. I guess this should be the stage if you're familiar with Flash terminology, but I don't see anything to work with. I can't insert sprites, I see nowhere to make a character or anything, and I'm utterly lost. Please help.